Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States and is caused by factors such as age, illness, and injury. While hearing loss is a rather common hearing healthcare problem, there are many ways of evaluating and treating hearing loss effectively.

Before your audiologist can begin to work with you to either improve your hearing or stop any further hearing loss, you will have to undergo a few diagnostic audiological evaluations. Diagnostic audiological evaluations are simple tests that have been developed over the course of many years to help our staff determine the extent of any hearing loss you may be suffering from. We are proud to offer a variety of diagnostic audiological evaluations at Audiology Plus Hearing Solutions to meet the needs of every patient.

These evaluations are non-invasive tests performed by your audiologist and will help your audiologist get a full understanding of the extent of your hearing loss, dizziness, or balance issues. Diagnostic audiological evaluations are conducted right here in the office.

Before beginning any of our audiological evaluations, your audiologist will inspect your ears and eardrums with an otoscope to look for any signs of physical damage. There are several different exams your audiologist can perform to check your hearing. To begin the evaluation, your audiologist will ask you to put on a pair of soundproof headphones that are connected to a computer that will monitor the test. Once your headphones are on, we will begin to play a round of sounds or words at different volumes or speeds. You will be asked to either repeat words, raise your hand or hit a buzzer when you hear sounds, or a combination of these two activities during the test.

During your test, you will be monitored closely by your audiologist and also the computer that will record your responses, hearing levels, and timing. The results of this test will help your audiologist determine your level of hearing, listening comprehension, and reaction time to hearing cues, which will help us better understand your current hearing loss or other hearing impairments. With the evaluation results in hand, you and your doctor will discuss the results, what they mean, prevention for the future, and potentially some treatment options for improving your current hearing abilities or treat your balance and dizziness difficulties.

It is important to catch hearing loss caused by aging as early as possible so preventive treatment can begin. With proper and timely care, patients can work with our staff to minimize their risk for long-term hearing loss by practicing preventive measures. Diagnostic audiological evaluations are not only used for hearing loss evaluations. These evaluations can also be used to test your vestibular system in the event you are suffering from any balance-related issues or experience chronic dizziness.

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